The Magic of Wantify

When I was consulting for Pillar in Ann Arbor one of the projects we had was Wantify, an Ecommerce startup from Birmingham, and we were tasked with creating an iOS app and a companion Website to go along with it. It was a Xamarin iOS app before Xamarin would go on to be bought by Microsoft and be greatly successful.<br><br>One of the limitations of early Xamarin development was a lot of of the UI elements we think of as ‘traditional’ today weren’t natively supported. As such I had to create screens in Photoshop (With the Retina versions!) and the developers would have to create touch regions on top. It results in a bit of trial and error, but was genuinely a very fun and rewarding project. 

I even got to put my photography skills to the test at one point during the project. We were soft launching only in Birmingham Michigan and instead of using stock photos for our user orientation screens I had the idea to go photograph the city and businesses that were a part of the Wantify storefront.