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If you can't find a specific deck, or the deck uploaded doesn't match the conference you went to please feel free to reach out at speaker @, some of these talks have grown a lot over the years. One is on version 11. #agile

I Got 99 [Agile] Problems

In a perfect world your standups take 10 minutes, your code always builds, and your product owner knows what they want.

You do not live in a perfect world. No one does.

As more teams move from waterfall to Agile (or waterfall with stand ups), it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel like every day is more chaotic than the last.

Join two Agile Experts who have curated common challenges from Developers, Product Managers, and Designers on Agile teams as we discuss how to arm you with the tools you need to fight the fires of daily development, help uplift your team and refine your process.

We invite you to participate in this interactive session. Bring challenges you face and we’ll help you find solutions. (hey… your problems just might make our next iteration of this talk)

Pair Piloting

You’re at 30,000 feet and staring into the eyes of a storm. Your fuel gauge is reading a little low. You have to go around, but you aren’t sure you have enough fuel. You turn to the Captain and say…. What?

You’re sitting at your desk, you’ve found a bug. It so severe it knocks your entire test environment offline. You can’t launch with this bug, but you’re scheduled to go-live tomorrow. You turn to your supervisor and say…. What?

Pilots are responsible for operating aircrafts with hundreds of passengers safely through dangerous situations. Since 1978 Aircrafts have used the ‘Crew Resource Management’ system, or CRM (Not that CRM) to communicate difficult or dangerous situations in the cockpit.

In this session you will learn how Pilots get you safely around storms, and how you can apply that same methodology to difficult situations in the workplace.

Become a Designer in 60 Minutes or less

Calling all Developers who dread having to design a User Interface. It’s time to go outside your comfort zone and learn how to Design your own UI.

Join a Designer for a crash course on how to apply the modern software design process in your daily development. Learn the methods Designers employ, the tools they use, and the tricks they don’t tell anyone about; all aimed at the modern Developer.

You will leave this session being able to Design your own app, and do a better job than downloading Bootstrap.

So, Your Project Is On Fire. Again.

Your product owner has changed priorities for the third time this sprint; your team lead has their nose in their ‘Agile For Dummies’ book, your tech lead is on hour three of his lunch, and to cap things off your designers aren’t speaking to one another, because it should be purple (and everyone knows it.)

As more and more teams move from waterfall to Agile (or waterfall with stand ups), it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel like every day is more chaotic than the last.

In this session, we discuss how you, as a member of an Agile team, can arm yourself to fight the fires of daily development and help uplift your team and refine your process.

Information Architecture For The Soul

Do you find that it’s often harder to avoid building the wrong thing than to build the right one? You want to build the best software you can, but between deadlines, changing priorities and warring clients, it can be difficult to know which features to fight for; and which to let fall to the floor.

In this session we will discuss the strategies and decision making that goes into the Information Architecture of the modern MVP.

You will learn how to use data, user research, and experience to create software that delivers the most value to your users; while keeping your stakeholders happy.

Your User Experience Doesn't Have To Be Frankenstein's Monster

Design is no longer a dirty word, and it’s becoming increasingly important that your application doesnt just work, but is user friendly and easy to use. Including UX practices in your software development life cycle can seem like a daunting task, but it doesnt require a mad scientist and a castle. I will show you how to introduce Wireframing, Workflows and User Focused Design into your development cycle without having a village full of end users at your door with pitchforks and torches.


In-Depth Software Design for Developers (From a Designer)

Every day Developers are being called upon to not just write amazing code, but also design how the applications are going to look and feel. You don’t have to be a designer or a creative to have an interactive user experience, and a beautiful user interface.

Join me for an in-depth walk through of the tools of the trade, and how to use them. We will take a journey through the modern design process tailored for developers.

We’ll learn how to take your requirements and refine them into stories, workflows, and elements. From there we’ll dive into wire framing tools and how to build pages for mobile and web applications.