Simply Saving Puppies

As an independent Consultant I helped Puppywarmer create a new E-Commerce solution for their business. I designed all of the screens, photographed all of their products and created the website in WordPress utilizing WooCommerce as their E-Commerce solution. <br><br>I continue to help them with updates, maintenance and marketing for new products.

I began by working with Puppywarmer to look at sample templates and other e-commerce sites to get an idea of what their vision was. We then discussed what their core goals for the website were and how we could best meet them. The result was the decision to focus on two things: 1. The Products – high quality veterinary heaters are actually quite rare. 2. The Story – Helping newborn puppies survive.

We chose WordPress as our CMS and WooCommerce as our E-Commerce solution. I utilized Elementor extensively as well as custom HTML/CSS when needed. I also integrated WooCommerce with their billing solution.

All images on the website of products were taken and edited by me in Photoshop and Lightroom.


Puppywarmer is an example of what can happen when you deliver exactly what your customers want – Warm Puppies.

Puppywarmer revolutionized canine incubators and the e-commerce site I designed and built for them has helped enable record breaking month after record breaking month. We are now expanding the website from pure e-commerce to product support, on-boarding, and creating interactive troubleshooting guides.

Overall Puppywarmer sales and traffic are up over 1000%!