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Once upon a time an Ad Agency in Birmingham promised a website to Lamborghini for their Track Events.

Small problem, they had no one available to build a website.

Enter me, Consultant, and two WordPress installations. (It was literally faster to clone the website and create a second version to fulfill some odd edge case then to completely re-build a plugin under extreme time pressure.)

It was a challenging project, I was working mostly remotely with a team from not only across the US, but our Server Admin was in England.

I was working odd hours and finding odd solutions to turn around the website under a tight deadline.

Having now done work for Ford, Lincoln, and Lamborghini I do have to say going through the image assets for Lamborghini to find cars to use in image splashes was downright exhilarating.

The website has been down for years, and due to a hard drive failure I have one remaining (not very high res) image...

(On a related note, don't buy Barracuda hard drives, and have backups.)

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