Ford & Lincoln Brand Websites

User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Agile Coaching

While designing the websites I pushed for a user-centered "Goal Driven" approach. Discover what the customers want to do, and bring those workflows to the forefront.

As an example one of the primary goals a Ford or Lincoln customer has on the website, is to pay their bill.

We brought this problem to the forefront by offering both a "Pay My Bill" cta (top right) and a Login to Account Manager (Primary CTA, Center).

"Pay My Bill" was elevated as our research showed that was the primary search term our user were using.

While Ford and Lincoln are part of the same company, their end-users couldn't be more different.

We kept these difference in mind when designing the Lincoln website. Framing Purchasing and Leasing as equal options.

We also created tools to help undecided users empower themselves.

I'm a strong proponent for arming your users with the information they need to make informed decisions.