Ford Credit Account Manager

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This project won a JD Power Award for "Best consumer web experience in the automotive industry"!

One of the key challenges in designing a new Account Manager for Ford Credit was determining which workflows were truly the most important.

During our research we determined that based on the state of the account, we could dynamically determine which workflow was the most important.

For example: If a customer's bill is unpaid 'pay my bill' becomes the primary workflows, but if the account in question has auto-pay enabled then we can instead show when their payment is schedules and uplift other information.

Alternatively the type of customer was an important consideration a well, lease customers have many other data points to be concerned about, such as mileage and lease end.

Account Manager with a new vehicle offer, first time view.

How the offer looks after the customer has already seen it once.

When determining priority from a user centered standpoint we also had to consider the business aspect. When was something important enough to be elevated to a higher level.

If you compare the images above and to the left, the new vehicle offer changes in priority based on if your account has seen this offer before. Elevating the offer for first-time viewers; but lowering the priority of the screen element for recurring customers as their primary reason for coming to the application is generally to 'pay my bill'.