Hey Friends & Family, Ryan Here.

I’m going to ask Casey to Marry MeOn a Hot Air Balloon. On June 22nd 2019.

Casey Doesn’t know. Although she does suspect. Don’t tell her.

Bre & Erika are in on it. They are helping me throw a party at our house, at 4PM, Casey and I should get there around 5.

Please dress casually. It’s an engagement party, save your suit for the actual wedding. 

I’m getting shawarma from the place we had our first date, so come hungry. They almost blew my cover when they gave us free dinner last week. 

Obligatory gallery of way too cute pictures. Please use them to confirm we are your Ryan & Casey. (If we are not your Ryan & Casey, please disregard.)

Use this form to RSVP, I hope everyone can make it! 

P.S. No gifts please, you there is all the gift we need!

P.P.S If you need to reach me and don’t have another way, email: donttellcasey@ryan.ws

TLDR: Engagement Party at our place. June 22. 4PM. Be there. Dress casual. Come hungry. Don’t tell Casey.