Role & Responsibilities

I was responsible for leading a design team accountable for the UI/UX Design, Research, and Experience Strategy for all of our Business Users software applications. 

I ensured the success of our users in our digital software offerings through strong UX Design and Research Methodologies. Our business users are core to the Amway business and ensuring their success; ensures Amway’s success.

As the team lead I was responsible for the work of a team of designers that supported a large range of software offerings and product teams. From external facing iOS/Android Apps like Creators+, so web based business tools, all the way to a creation of a stand alone LMS (Learning Management System) – from scratch!  

End to End Product Design

I worked on the End to End Management team as the Experience Manager for Amway Creators+. 

I partnered with a ‘three in the box’ of a Product Lead, and a Technical Lead to drive product vision forward for the app ecosystem as a whole. 

 I was responsible for overseeing and approving all design work for Creators+ across 5 Product Teams. 

The five product teams were responsible for different verticals in the Creators+ Ecosystem:

Learning, Content Creation, Business Management, Platform, E-Commerce, Platform. 

One of the most complex products was Amway Academy, our learning product. 

Product Reach & Success

Amway Creators+ has been a roaring success, rolling out across the globe to hundreds of thousands of business users. We maintain high reviews both on the app stores and through internal research. 

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